Fixed Rate Services.

We understand every job can be different. Some jobs may take a moment, others could take hours or days. To avoid "billshock" we offer a number of services at a fixed rate to allow clients to have a better idea how much it may cost and budget accordingly.
Note: this is not a complete list but it should offer a safe ballpark. Not every job can be entirely fixed rate; be mindful component price variations and workload considerations can occur. But we try to keep the most common ones listed below fixed rate within reason - parts and labour inclusive.
Weekly Duration jobs
Virus and malware Removal:
Factory Reset / System Wipes / Reinstall
Computer Servicing (Fix slow pc etc)
Replace Hard disk / SSD Upgrades (240gb - 500gb)

Same day duration jobs
Computer Password Resets
Fault Testing/Diagnosis/Insurance Quotes
Short Duration Consult / Repairs
BYO install/build/swap/assemble Jobs

Overnight / Next Business Day Jobs (* Depends on stock availablity)
Laptop (non-touchscreen) Display Replacements
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
Laptop Replacement Battery or Charger
Windows 10 OS upgrade(From 7/8/8.1 only)
New Windows 10 OS install

Internet Cafe / Document Services
Note: Limited machines available.
30 Minutes Internet / Video Conference access
1 Hour Internet / Video Conference access
2 Hours Internet / Video Conference access
1 Hour Wifi / BYO device internet access
All Day Internet cafe / wifi / BYO access
Virtual reality kiosk access
Printing B/W per page (capped at $5)
Scanning (up to 5 pages)
Faxes (up to 5 pages)

Service calls
After Hours (6pm+ Travel charge may apply too)
Business hour service calls need to be booked in advance
We can also do corporate on demand contracting.
$85 - $120
$165 - $205


$200 (Approx - Depends on part cost)
$50 (If supported model)
$50 - $85 (max $120)
OS cost + $85

$30 (30 min) / $100 (unlimited)

$50 per 30 minutes.

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Trading Hours:
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