• Computers
  • Notebooks
  • Remove Virus/Malware
  • Backup Files
  • Power surge
  • Replace Parts
  • Insurance repairs
  • Software (Re)installs
We offer a range of diagnostic and repair services at JPC Supplies.
We can diagnose faults, then recommend and replace faulty or obsolete parts. We also remove virus's and malware, reinstall windows, locate hardware drivers, or reset machines back to factory condition.

We offer various repair services on a range of items including:

  • Desktop Computers - diagnose/replace/upgrade most parts
  • Notebooks/Netbook Computers - diagnose/replace/upgrade Screens, Hard disks, RAM, Keyboards, Windows etc
  • Nintendo Wii - replace CD drives, mod chips, and some limited softmod de-bricking
  • Xbox 360 - can recover from some common red ring issues, including the "heat glitch" and general "track condensation" issues, we can also replace lasers
  • Computer Servicing - we can clear some of the clutter, and try to get back some of the speed your PC had; either by tweaking and optimising its setup, or by taking the machine back to its factory software condition